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Behind the scenes.

Who is behind this project?


International team working together on a revolutionary social calendar. We have ambitions to change
the game in so many ways. Look forward to easier life for you and everyone else.

  • Matyas Mandik


    This new app will for sure organize my time,
    so I will have more time for trainings
    and I won´t miss any beer with my friends.

  • Prokop Tajovsky


    I enjoy highschool life. I’m proud to be part of something that can help all students going to parties and still have some clue about school.

  • Juraj Grznarik


    From now on arranging meetings with partners will be easier like never before. Waymi is going to be a huge tool of great utility.

  • Radoslav Balajka


    My personal and professional life is full of events. We created Waymi to help people get organized and even be able to use its great social features.

Contact us

We are launching soon desktop version. Stay tuned!